Josh MacEachern

Hello! I'm Josh MacEachern, a native of Las Vegas, NV and lover of all things Celtic. I am a multi-instrumentalist musician who primarily specializes in the Great Highland Bagpipe, which I have been playing for over 18 years. While I was originally drawn to the instrument because of it's unique style and raw power, I came to love not only playing pipes but the incredible community of pipe bands all over the world. Piping has taken me to contests from here in Nevada to the World Championships in Glasgow, on stage performing in front of thousands at concert halls such as The Smith Center, and has made me an incredible network of friends all over the world.

I am constantly inspired by the depth of the genre, as I branch out more from traditional pipe band performance to more improvisational playing such as kitchen piping, Irish traditional music, and even many forms of piping that originated here in America in the Appalachian region. As a life-long musician, I focus on constant self improvement while also teaching other new players in my local performing band, the Las Vegas Pipe Band.

In addition to my participation in the musical side of things, I also work as the Executive Director of the Las Vegas Celtic Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting Celtic culture in Southern Nevada---we are best know for our annual festival The Las Vegas Highland Games, which typically takes place in April and serves about 12,000 attendees each year.

Professionally, I have worked all across the spectrum of creative space---from my first job doing videography and commercial production for casino properties like Drai's nightclub and Caesars, to more PR focused work and even as a marketing director for a local medical non-profit. Most recently I have been working on a switch to a career in Emergency Medical Services and Fire, but I still often use my creative marketing experience and past experience in videography, photography, design and public relations to benefit the many local groups that I volunteer with which I volunteer.

My goals are to continue promoting not only music and musicians, but the entirety of this great global community of what we call the "Celtic carnies" for years to come!

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