Hannah Schultz of Hannah's Visions

HELLO HELLO beautiful humans my name is Hannah Schultz and I am a portrait photographer that specializes in editorial and original creative work. I push myself to go beyond the limits and try things that haven’t been done before. Overtime people have started to know me as a creative photographer because my ideas come from everything that surrounds me. My inspirations vary from the plants growing on this planet to fashion to my daily trips to the dollar store for props and ideas! I truly believe my souls purpose for my placement on this Earth is to empower humans to create art out of anything and everything. My goal is to live like it’s the last day on earth EVERYDAY and create a reality that makes me as happy and positive as I can be!

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IG: instagram.com/hannahsvisions

Twitter: twitter.com/hannahsvisions

TikTok: tiktok.com/@hannah.diann


Listen to her episode of The Eclectic Podcast:

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